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We're hugely proud of the script and the feedback we get. We're always looking for ways to improve, however here's what just some of our customers have said so far.

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Easily five stars. I have been using version 2 for many years. This script performs flawlessly, and it is very easy to customize the output. It is a also very secure, and not vulnerable to XSS or other attacks.

My hat is off to Wurlie. This is the most elegant script in existence currently. I'd been keeping tabs on it ever since I first fell in love with it after using it for a Wordpress project. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for creating Wurlie. It is a big help for me and my projects.

Just amazing. Powerful, fast, easy to use, and from what I can tell, a surprisingly small footprint.

Simple. Useful. Light. Just waiting for the avertising plugin to go with the PPV plugin.

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