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Responsive, Powerful & Scalable url shortener.

Secure Admin Area

The admin area has recently been rewritten from the ground up. All of the features you'd expect to see in a short url script are there (and some!):

  • Dashboard overview of site:
    • Statistics:
      • Total Active Urls.
      • Total Disabled Urls.
      • Total Visits (All Urls).
      • New Urls (30 Days).
      • Total Active Users.
      • New Users (30 Days).
    • Charts:
      • New Short Urls (last 14 days).
      • New Short Urls (last 12 months).
      • New Users (last 14 days).
      • Url Status Pie.
      • Top 10 Urls Pie.
  • Manage Urls. Search, filter by user, url status. View statistics, remove short url and set a reason.
  • Manage Users. Search, filter by type and status. Total short urls, last login and status. Link to view short urls. Options to add/edit user.
  • Banned Words/Urls. Add a list of banned words or urls. Any urls containing these will be blocked from the site. This is in addition to the malware & phishing protection.
  • Plugins. Add & manage plugins. See our plugins page for more information on plugins available.
  • Configuration:
    • Site Settings.
      • Manage Adverts.
      • Security Settings - Safe Browsing & Phishtank API Keys.
      • Site Contact Information.
      • Url Creation Settings.
      • Url Redirect Settings.
      • Enable Webssite Language Selector.
      • Other Settings.
    • Translations. Add a new language. Admin pages to aid in the translation of the site. Choose which languages are enabled for the front-end.
    • Banned IPs. Ban IP address from site or from creating short urls.
    • Server Info. View PHP information to aid with debugging.

> More Features

Responsive Layout
The script resizes perfectly for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. The included theme also comes with 12 different colour variations.
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Multiple URLs
Shorten multiple long urls at the same time. Just copy and paste each url on it's own line to generate multiple short urls.

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Earn Money
Link banner ads or Google Adsense into the site. Easily add them using the tools provided within the admin area.

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URL Options
Set a custom short url, password, expiry date, maximum uses and whether it's private or public. Public urls are shown on 'recent urls'.
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Developers API
An advanced API which provides access to create, disable, activate and list urls for registered users. Responses in json or xml.
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Malware & Phishing Safe
Every long url submitted is checked on both Google Safe Browsing and Phishtank for malware and phishing protection.
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Secure Members Area
Users can register with the site for an account in order to manage their urls. Registration also provides access to the API.
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Secure Admin Area
A feature rich admin area to manage urls, users, translations, site settings and more. Have full control over your website.
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Short URL Statistics
Detailed web stats for each short url. View referrals, unique visitors, web browsers, countries & user operating systems.
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Social Network Sharing
Share urls with social networks like Twitter, Facebook & Google+. Directly send via email aswell.

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QR Codes
For each url a QR code is generated which can be used to advertise the short url. QR codes can be downloaded and used in print.
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Plugins Architecture
Extend your url shortener site using downloadable plugins. Add a newsletter plugin to email your users or a rewards scheme based on url clicks.
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Translations Module
Translate the url shortener site into any ltr language that supports UTF-8 characters. Optional language chooser included with the script.
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100% Source Code
All the PHP source code supplied. Make any changes to the url shortener script as you need to without having to work around encoded parts.
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Blacklist by IP address. Phishtank and Google Sage Browsing url checking. Externally tested for XXS and SQL injection attacks.
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wurlie high performance
High Performance
Built with large traffic sites in mind. Small compressed js files, consistent use of ajax, limited connectivity to the database.
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Regular Updates
Unlike other short url scripts, our release schedule is extremely proactive. We host a public RFCs section in the forum for user feedback.
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Fully Supported
Regular updates and email support is included for 12 months. Full access to the support forum thereafter.

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