Wurlie Pay Per View (PPV) Plugin like Adf.ly

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Pay Per View (PPV)

Our pay per view (PPV) plugin enables you to pay your users for traffic to their urls, similar to adf.ly. Pay for each visit, define rates by country and only count daily unique visitors.

Wurlie Admin Area Changes

  • Detailed clicks for all short urls which count.
    • Filter data by account owner.
    • Cancel item.
  • Aggregated earnings for all users.
  • Payment requests.
    • Search & filter data.
    • Set as paid.
  • Plugin configuration:
    • Whether plugin is enabled or not.
    • Manage payout rates by country (per 1000 visits).
    • Set rates by:
      • Interstitials Rate (CPV)
      • Banner Rate (CPV)
    • Set default rate for all countries. To be used if one not specifically set for a country.
    • Minimum payment threshold. (before users can request a withdrawal)
    • Monthly payout date.
  • Only daily unique IPs are counted. Stop cheaters.

Wurlie Front-End Changes

  • New page for non-logged in users showing how much they can earn per 1000 url clicks.
  • Once the user logs in they have a new page with the following:
    • Breakdown of any successful clicks.
    • Money earned to date and available for withdrawal.
    • Once earnings are aggregated, users can request withdrawal via this screen via PayPal. (once over the minimum amount set by admin)
    • Homepage select drop-down so the user can choose interstitials or banner adverts for each url.

Requirements: This plugin requires v3.2 of the core Wurlie code to function.

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