Wurlie Newsletter Plugin

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Newsletter Plugin

Our newsletter plugin enables you to create, manage and send newsletters to your users. Click on any of the image thumbnails to see screenshots of the plugin.

Wurlie Admin Area Changes

  • Create newsletter popup.
    • Set newsletter title.
    • Send to non-admin only, admin only or all users.
    • Set email subject.
    • Enter newsletter content in wysiwyg interface.
    • Use text replacements in newsletter content:
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Title
      • Username
      • Access level
      • Current date
      • Current time
    • Insert images, format text, add bullet lists etc.
    • Save newsletter as draft.
    • Send a test to your own email address before final sending.
    • Send newsletter to all selected recipients.
  • Manage previous newsletters page.
  • Edit existing newsletter.
  • Delete draft newsletter.
  • View previously sent newsletters.
  • Export user data page.
    • Choose which data columns to export.
    • Filter by non-admin only, admin only or all users.
    • Include or exclude unsubscribed users.
    • Export in CSV, XLS or XLSX format.
  • Default unsubscribe text added to the bottom of all emails. (can be changed in plugin settings)

Wurlie Front-End Changes

  • Unsubscribe page so users can remove themselves from the mailing list. This page is automatically linked into every email sent.
  • Subscribe page so users can add themselves to the mailing list.

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